The service offer

The services

International Network

Ability to internationalize start-ups through our international network of Orange Fabs: presence in 14 territories around the world

Custom Workshops

Customized Workshops will be organized for your start-up to meet your specific needs

Infrastructure and supervision

Settle down in Orange Gardens’ offices in Paris: access to several co-working areas, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, cafeterias….


Access to the issue of convertible bonds up to €15k (subject to eligibility)

Cloud services

Take advantage of Orange Business Services’ free cloud services to innovate, develop and test your solutions

Specialized Workshops

Workshops on specialized topics will be offered: Pitch Techniques, Financing, Export and International, Growth Hacking… These workshops will be delivered by internal and external mentors


Privileged access to national & international events sponsored by Orange

Demo Day 

1 Demo Day in Paris: strategic meetings (investors, large groups, Orange Fabs international network…)

Open Flow allows the user to obtain a personalized legal document very easily, populated online via a secure, intuitive and intelligent online form.

Laburo has created a mobile application that allows you to remotely book a place in a coworking area and find out who else is working there at the same time.

SVP, there are 200 experts who answer your professional questions: HR, taxation, finance, management, law, sourcing, economics…


W-HA implements complete payment ecosystems for start-ups.

He is a specialist in the payment industry with both technical and regulatory expertise.

Investor Partners

Business Angels support and help to ensure the success of the first years of “take-off” of unlisted, innovative companies with high growth potential.