International Call for Applications 5G

The Orange Fabs Europe and Asia have launched a 5G call for applications from January 2 to March 10, 2020.

A major competitive challenge for businesses, 5G will be gradually introduced into our telecommunications networks in 2020 to provide innovative services and contribute to the modernisation of all sectors of the economy.

With 5G, Orange is creating a more powerful, faster and smarter network. With speeds much higher than 4G, this network is so responsive and offers all the possibilities for real time, and immersive services, combining virtual reality and augmented reality. 5G will also be a network capable of connecting number of objects with an appropriate level of performance for each type of object or process: connected industrial robots, drones, connected autonomous vehicles, sensors in smart cities. Moreover, in countries with little fibre deployment, 5G will offer an alternative means to acces high-speed broadband enabling for instance to wirelessly connect factories, mobile worksites or urban infrastructure.

Orange Fab France in coordination with Orange Fab in Europe is launching a “5G” call for applications to accelerate start-ups in this domain. This specific acceleration path takes place in parallel with the existing ones: “Original“, “Women start” and “Telecom Track“.


Every year Orange Fab France launches several calls for applications. We choose start-ups for their innovative projects, their team qualities and which meet identified needs expressed by Orange Business Units. In this current call for start-up, we will recruit start-ups that have a solution – product, service or infrastructure brick – already on market with these following categories:

  • innovative B2C & B2B services having some adherence with 5G:
    • Cyber Security, services to reinforce customer confidence in digital services
    • Digital Content, high bandwidth on demand services on mobile phone or at home and AR/VR immersive services
    • Gaming, high bandwidth, low latency services which may need edge computing capacities
    • Bank & Assurance services allowing operations and transactions everywhere anytime with enriched experiences thanks to AR/VR
    • Health Care, remote diagnostic, real time image transfer, long distance monitoring, IoT to track health issues.
  • 5G Infrastructures & Networks:
    • Network Monitoring, control & management solutions
    • Network planning and resource allocation improvement
    • Hardware and software infrastructure solutions for performant, strong and green datacenter.
    • Solutions solving the management of connected objects in high number
    • Solutions helping the implementation of mobile broadband
    • Coverage enhancing solutions for indoor and rural use