Orange Fab Summit #2 in Jordan

The Orange Fabs international network  represents 14 accelerators over 4 continents. Since 2013, more than 300 startups have been accelerated thanks to this network, with a main objective, the commercial partnership between these startups and an Orange business unit.

In June, the leaders of all Orange Fabs decided to increase their collaboration for greater efficiency. Orange Fab France, and especially Pascal Latouche, has been appointed to be the new coordinator of this network.

The main goal of this network is to focus on internalising our startups and creating cross acceleration around the world.

It was also decided that the Orange Fabs will meet at least twice a year to share their best practices and of course, to present their startups.

The second Orange Fabs summit was held in mid-January 2018 in Jordan.

For two days, we had the opportunity to discover the dynamism of the Jordanian ecosystem. Orange Jordan is currently working closely with Oasis 500, a seed seed investment company and start-up incubator to identify the best start-ups in Jordan. Today, Big by Orange (the Orange Fab Jordan) accelerated 19 startups and launched its fifth season in late January 2018.

A panel was also organized to highlight some of the successes of Jordanian startups such as Arabot (Intelligent Arab Robot) at the Mobile World Congress, and Sigma Investment Group whose founder, Iman Mutlaq, encourages women to start businesses. The Bubbles Company, a French company accelerated by Orange Fab France in 2016, was also represented at this round table to explain their new drive-to-purchase offer and their international strategy.

The final panel focused on local and international investment opportunities with a presentation by Antoine Maurel from Orange Digital Ventures.

The second day of the Orange Fabs Summit was set on internal issues. It was a privileged moment for all Orange Fabs teams to discuss their process and their objectives. We had a specific time devoted to communication in order to be perfectly aligned with the main message and the way we deliver it. We also had specific presentations on new opportunities in China and Dubai for our startups. We put together on the table all our local assets for the benefit of our network and especially of all start-up companies accelerated by Orange worldwide.

In conclusion, the Orange Fabs Summit aims to put Jordan on the global map of entrepreneurship and underlines the support of the Orange Group to accelerate startup around the world.

See you soon in VivaTech!