The Orange X VivaTech 2024 Start up Challenges are launched

The Generative AI Challenge focuses on the use of generative AI to transform marketing, redefine and improve products and services, and reinvent related processes.

The solutions we’re looking for must be innovative, focused on marketing, network and IT infrastructures, and finally customer relations and satisfaction.

The Cybersecurity Challenge is aimed at start-ups specializing in the automation of cybersecurity tools, vulnerability analysis, cyber score evaluation, cyber threat management and 5G private network protection.

The solutions sought must be innovative, stand out from the crowd, be quickly auditable and have already achieved commercial success.

What are the benefits for start-ups?

Winners will have the opportunity to exhibit on the Orange stand at international events, including VivaTech 2024. They will also benefit from support programs within Orange, to help them identify new business opportunities for Orange and its customers.

Apply now here: (opens in a new tab) (opens in a new tab)” / X (