Women Start

The Orange Fab France acceleration program Women Start


Orange Fab France “Women Start” is a specific acceleration program dedicated to women founders or co-founders of start-ups around the world to help them to develop their business and their activities.  

Your start-up will enjoy the same benefits as it would in the ‘Original’ and ‘Telecom Track’ programs, The start-up’s management will be reinforced during the acceleration phase with the support of internal and external mentors, and program will also give the start-ups greater prominence, namely personalized support from specialists, optional financing of 15,000€, and access to the Orange Gardens workspace, which houses the Group’s research and innovation teams.

The main aim of the acceleration remains the same: signing a commercial partnership with an Orange business unit.

Selection criteria:

• A marketed or marketable product or service.
• An innovative solution in the digital field.
• A women founder or co-founder.

Every year, Orange Fab France launches several calls for applications. We choose start-ups with innovative projects and a coherent team, and which address a specific Orange requirement.

Here are the categories your start-up could belong to:

  • Customer Experience
  • Operational efficiency 
  • Digital Enterprise and collaborative tools
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Tech for Good 
  • Social Impact 
  • Diversity and inclusion 

Call for applications for Season 3 "Women Start", a program dedicated to female entrepreneurship