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Apizee offers visual assistance and video-conferencing solutions for businesses, allowing real-time video integration to different business processes.

Our ambition is to propose video communications anywhere, any time, on any device with a quality and secure video experience to offer remote expertise. Our solutions are supplied through APIs or plug-and-play solutions.

Our SaaS packaged solutions:

  • Apizee Diag: remote visual assistance solution allowing experts to diagnose and solve complex problems without having to move.
  • Apizee Contact: real-time video solution to humanize premium customer relationship on websites and customer portals
  • Izeeconf: a simple and immersive remote meetings and appointments solution, with quick one-click access for full collaboration between teams and clients.

Apizee solutions and cloud APIs are used by Crédit Agricole, Safran, Enedis, Renault, Barclays, Nexity, ExxonMobil, AMA and Bluelink.

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