Res publica

Meaningful dialogue and collective output that are understood by all stakeholders

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Res publica creates collaborative dialogue solutions (consultation, stakeholder management, project mediation) for businesses and government bodies (including local authorities) that enable its customers to save time, safeguard their projects and strengthen the legitimacy of their decisions.

Collaborative dialogue centred around an action, project, strategy, or policy is an effective and useful method of dialogue for all parties involved in a discussion. It engages all those involved and structures their discussions into a consultation that builds on individual ideas and uses role-play debate to allow for a series of mutually agreed conclusions to be reached in the form of consensus and dissensus. ResPublica offers both face-to-face and digital solutions through its internally developed app Jenparle.

Collaborative dialogue solutions help avoid false debates and disillusionment, open up space for discussion of key issues that are the driving force behind projects, and build relationships between all stakeholders, including the final decision-maker.

Types of support

Res publica took part in season eight of Orange Fab France.