Augmented Acoustics

Allowing spectators to customize sound experience

SupraLive is a patented service that allows spectators at an event (concert, sport, cinema…) to have the best seat in terms of sound experience by enjoying a high-definition and customizable sound experience. The sound is perfectly adapted to the spectator’s desires but also to his/her specific auditory needs thanks to the mobile app’s numerous audio settings which allow them to control the sound. As an option, those who wish can listen with earphones to the multi-track sound coming directly from the sound engineer’s console and go as far as making their own mix.

By simultaneously addressing enthusiasts (fans, supporters), the most demanding audiences, and people who are hard of hearing, SupraLive is positioning itself as a new, inclusive and non-stigmatizing solution that propels spectators into the heart of the event.

We are partnering with NOKIA to migrate SupraLive to 5G as SupraLive is an Over-The-Top 5G service that uses key 5G features like low latency and slicing. This migration goal is to be able to simultaneously offer SupraLive to an unlimited number of spectators who are equipped with their smartphone, headphones, and a mobile application.