Combining an expert team of Chief Happiness Officers and a collaborative platform


  • Women Start


  • Season 1

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Cohapi helps companies increase the engagement rate of their employees through two key pillars: social links and a concrete improvement in managerial practices.

The concept is simple: bringing people together within the company to encourage closer relationships and involve employees to develop collaboration.

To do this, Cohapi offers an innovative solution that includes an expert team of Chief Happiness Officers and the performance of digital collaborative tools.

  • A CHO team works with clients a few days per month as part of a tailor-made programme that outsources the management of employee well-being.
  • A collaborative tool that CHOs use to help organise events, listen to feedback and highlight concrete managerial practices that meet employees’ needs.
  • Cohapi also offers a package of activities through associated service providers that the CHO can select according to the needs of each client.

Types of support

Cohapi took part in the Women Start season led by Orange Fab France.