HADO, the energy ball of Orange Fab Asia, reaches its target in Orange Gardens

Successful mission for Meleap, the Japanese start-up supported by Orange Fab Asia.

Its Monster Battle “tech sports” augmented reality game, Monster Battle, is now based in Orange Gardens in the Orange Fab area! “Monster Battle” is a “physical” tech sports game that uses technology based on augmented reality.

As it is intuitive, players of aged above 4 years old can play it very easily, the principle: fights between 1 player who throws virtual energy balls to hit monsters to exterminate. The player is equipped with an intelligent bracelet and augmented reality glasses, and evolves on a surface.

Meleap, a Japanese start-up with high potential The origin of the game Monster Battle: Meleap, a Japanese start-up of about forty people. Its business model: to license its technology (integrating equipment and technical support) to e-sport halls. About sixty Location Base Entertainment Centers such as Laser Tags, Escape Rooms, Trampoline Parks, and Arcade Centers have already purchased a license for their famous HADO game worldwide.

Meleap has even set up a league and a world championship to promote this game! Meleap, whose current value is approaching 50 million euros, has great international potential. Interested by the power of the Orange Fab business development network, she joined Orange Fab Japan in March 2019 for the #11 season. 16 Orange Fab network, a unique asset to develop internationally At Orange Fab Japan’s request, Orange Fab France welcomed the Meleap start-up in Orange Gardens from 26 to 28 March. Ludovic Centonze, Head of Orange Fab International Business Development, organized a demonstration space for the HADO game atOrange Fab France’spremises, for the Meleap team’s meetings with French, European and Orange teams, which is one of the assets of the Orange Fab network, coordinated and led by Pascal Latouche and his team.

It allows start-ups from Orange Fab who wants to internationalize to use the power of this network to find business partners within Orange’s Business Units or via the Group’s partner ecosystem. And it gives Orange privileged access to the best innovations from all the major markets. 2 days dedicated to Business Development After a first day dedicated to the installation of HADO game equipment, the meetings followed one another.

Yukiharu Tomita, Chief Operating Officer of Meleap and Jocelyn Bouchet, its European Sales Director, met about ten potential French and European customers. They have demonstrated for companies offering virtual gaming services to their customers, but also for our Orange Content colleagues, and the results of these 2 days are largely positive

: more than 80% of the prospects they met will acquire HADO licenses to commercially exploit this game!Discover the HADO game in video.