Sustainability and AI Demo-day: the season 1 challenge winners!

Discover Season 1 Sustainability and AI Demo Day

The Orange Fab team was delighted to organize this phygital event to celebrate the five start-ups who won the very first season around sustainability and artificial intelligence.

Launched in October 2023, this season places particular emphasis on issues as diverse as the decarbonization of IT, websites and buildings, energy management in factories and carbon contribution.

The winning startups

  • Brainbox AI: is a specialist in decarbonizing buildings (offices, shops, warehouses). It optimizes carbon footprints by providing a platform on which users can declare their CO2 emissions. Thanks to an AI embedded in the platform, users benefit from automated monitoring, enabling them to measure, reduce and offset their greenhouse gas emissions autonomously and continuously.
  • Carbonable: has developed a platform that converts decarbonization projects into NFT credits. Based on blockchain technology, investments are tracked and authenticated, simplifying the management of carbon investments for companies.
  • Energiency: provides a SAAS platform that helps companies in the industrial sector to identify ways of saving energy and limiting CO2 emissions.
  • Sopht: markets a GreenOps platform for reducing the environmental footprint of IT, acting on 3 levers: rationalizing multi-cloud infrastructures, optimizing all digital services (back and front office) and improving the efficiency of its customers’ IT assets.

  • Webvert: offers a solution for decarbonizing websites by auditing and repairing its customers’ sites, without modifying the design or functionality of the site. This optimization of existing websites makes it possible to tackle the « invisible pollution » generated on the Internet.


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