Meet the 8 winners of our 2 VivaTech 2024 challenges!

Following the launch of 2 challenges as part of VivaTech 2024, Orange officially announces its 8 winners.
These start-ups will be present on the Orange stand at the Viva Technology show, from May 22 to 25, 2024, in Paris.

The major themes selected for this 2024 edition are on everyone’s mind: AI and cybersecurity. AI is the foundation of a major transformation for Orange as we become true connectivity and service platforms. It is an unprecedented disruptive lever in terms of customer experience, professional efficiency or cybersecurity.

Generative AI Challenge :

Latence Tech: an IP network quality of service analysis, monitoring and prediction solution focused on ultra-low latency connectivity.

ADGen AI: Revolutionizing digital advertising creation with AI for brands. Streamlines the generation and publication of cross-platform, secure ads for brands, ensuring brand creative consistency and effectiveness.

Rockfish: provides a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use synthetic data platform that automatically adapts to data. It generates high-fidelity, privacy-friendly and versatile synthetic data to optimize results for downstream use cases.

Pitchboy: the 1st conversation simulator for skills development. Pitchboy combines the most innovative AI and speech recognition technologies to recreate total immersion in real-life or work environments.

Cybersecurity Challenge:

Qevlar: a Copilot AI that sorts through alerts for SOC (security operations center) monitoring operators and helps them define the priority action plan.

Calypso AI: provides the trust and control layer that enables organizations to safely
adopt generative AI. Solutions can be implemented both for organizations seeking to secure the use of their employees, and for customer-focused SaaS LLMs (Large Language Models).

Onelayer: a solution that offers complete visibility with zero-trust segmentation, threat prevention and asset management capabilities for IoT devices connected to a private 5G/LTE network, so that all activity can be tracked and measures put in place to secure and manage the environment.

Board of Cyber: a solution for assessing, monitoring and improving an organization’s cyber performance. It is based on an automated, non-intrusive analysis of the organization’s assets, as well as questionnaires on cyber needs and maturity.