Original Up acceleration, for all start-ups, at any time

Because every start-up is different and unique in terms of its offer and its timeframe, we invite you to apply for an acceleration within Orange Fab France at any time. This offer is open to all start-ups.

The Original Up acceleration complements the Fab’s thematic acceleration programs, and the call for applications is continuous.

In fact, every year Orange Fab France launches several thematic calls for applications that respond to Orange’s strategic priorities.

With this Original Up Acceleration initiative, Orange Fab France is launching a broader call for solutions than the usual acceleration programs.

Who is this program for?

Original Up Acceleration is a general acceleration program dedicated to start-ups worldwide, to help them develop their business and activities with Orange.

It’s aimed at all start-ups who have a solution to offer Orange and who don’t fit into the Fab’s thematic programs.

We recruit start-ups that have a solution – product, service or infrastructure element – that is marketed or marketable.

The objective

The primary objective of the acceleration program is the signature of a commercial partnership between the start-up and an Orange business unit.

Here are a few examples of categories to which your start-up could belong:

  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Enterprise (Business Process Improvement, Human Resources, Communication, etc.)
  • Connected Objects, IOT
  • Personal Data Management & Big Data
  • Cloud Services & Technologies
  • Content aggregation (games, videos, …)
  • FinTech (mobile payment, money transfer, …)
  • Enriched communication
  • Cybersecurity
  • Education
  • Solutions for internal and external events
  • Block chain for Airline (Supply chain, Cargo, Bag, MRO…)
  • Computer vision (turnaround management, Airport security, PAX identification, customer services …)
    5G services B2B and B2C (Smartcities, industry 4.0, Entertainment…)
  • Greentech
  • Etc….